First Responders: Firefighter Jonathan Miles

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Tom Williams We meet a senior member of the Meridian Fire Department. Jonathan Miles is a native of Meridian and now serves his hometown by helping others in a time of need.

“Helping the community and helping people and doing things like that makes it all worth it,” Miles says.

Jonathan Miles has been a Meridian firefighter for nearly seven years. He says he was originally interested in becoming a law enforcement officer, but changed his mind.

“Wasn’t really interested in it. Decided to try the fire department and I found it really rewarding. I love it. I haven’t looked back since then,” Miles says.

Miles says he continues being driven by his job. He says training and teaching entry level firefighters is rewarding, as well as searching for the next step.

“Always looking for that next goal. Right now, we are working on getting a new captain’s list,” Miles explains.

Miles says his family supports him in what he does. He says the schedule was grueling at first.

“The 24 hours away from home takes a little while to get used to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, if it’s your shift, then you’re gone. Now, everybody knows the schedule and we make it work,” Miles says.

Knowing you helped. Miles says that is what continues to make his job special.

“They are happy to see you and happy you helped. It’s all worth is then. Just knowing you’re there to help anyone who needs it. Even if they are not as appreciative as you’d like. You know deep down the like it,” Miles says.

Miles says he will continue in his role as a firefighter as long as possible.

“I’m hoping to be promoted into that role after a little while. I see myself staying in that role for a while,” Miles says.

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