First Responders: Firefighter, dispatcher LaToshia Evans

Published: Apr. 21, 2019 at 9:40 PM CDT
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In First Responders We meet someone who is not only a firefighter, but a dispatcher. Her desire to help others comes from her own experiences. Tonight we go to Desoto volunteer fire Department and meet LaToshia Evans.

“Saving lives is what I love. You have to have a passion for it,” Evans says. “I love giving back to my community and I love being here.”

She’s been a dispatcher in Clarke County for nine years. Six years ago she joined the Desoto volunteer fire department.

“People don’t believe that I’m a firefighter. I actually have a suit, I go on calls and I actually get out there and put on the boots. I’m that person,” Evans says.

Evans has been to nursing school and enjoys the medical field, but her passion for being a first responder didn’t start when she was younger. Unfortunately, it was tragedy that inspired her to become what she is today.

“I lost my dad to cancer. I lost my daughter to a drowning accident. That’s what made me start wanting to be an emergency responder,” Evans explains. “Going to wrecks, seeing people and going to different things. I never thought that I would do something like this.”

Through her own pain, she finds the energy to relate to others in a time of crisis.

“Not saying I know how someone feels, but knowing the road it takes to go down. Trying to be there to be a listening ear or helping hand or trying to prevent anything wrong from happening,” Evans says.

Evans Says her family does worry at times but at the end of the day support her row as being one of the only females in the department.

“You have to have God first in your life. It just takes you further and further. I have a lot of people that are encouraging me and backing me up to help me do a lot of things. I just love my community. I love my community, I love people and I love being a help to people,” Evans says.

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