First Responders: Investigator Jeff Jowers

Published: Oct. 13, 2019 at 9:48 PM CDT
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Jeff Jowers is an investigator with the Kemper County Sheriff’s Department, but his roots in law enforcement run deep.

He’s worked for the state and other counties and was chief of police two times in DeKalb. He says it all started when he was in college and liked one of his classes more than others.

“I was taking an intro to forensics class in college. I really enjoyed the class and never left it. I went from computer science major to a forensics science major,” Jowers says.

Jowers’ role in law enforcement doesn’t end with his daily work as an investigator. He also teaches Criminal Justice at EMCC.

“There are times in this job where you’re not very popular. Then there are times you feel like you can make a difference and you have made a difference. It’s those rare few times you look forward to and it kind of keeps you going,” Jowers says.

When it comes to investigations, Jowers says it’s all about persistence. He says cases that he works stay with him and he does everything possible to reach a successful conclusion.

“A lot of the times you’re going out and you’re dealing with cases that have affected people that you know. You get a personal interest in it. It’s like a dog with a bone, you just don’t want to let it go until you get it solved,” Jowers says.

Jowers has two sons that are following in his footsteps. One is working in Meridian and the other is heading to New Orleans to be an officer. He cares about their safety in this line of work.

“I am. I am nervous for them. Law enforcement has changed a lot since I started in 1987. If I started a rookie today, I don’t know that I would stay in it 30 years like I have,” Jowers says.

Jowers says he plans on leaving law enforcement sometime next year. After more than 30 years of dedicating his life to solving crimes and serving the public, he says he wants people to know he put forth a lot of effort and will continue to work on cases.

“I always put forth a 110 percent to try to solve the case. Going out, if people at least had the idea that I did the best I could during that time, I’d be satisfied with that,” Jowers says.

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