First Responders: Kemper Deputy Shawn Shoemake

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KEMPER COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - We meet Deputy Shawn Shoemake with the Kemper County Sheriff's Department. He loves what he does and shows a passion for improving society.

“I always told myself I was going to join law enforcement. When 2011 came, it became a reality for me,” Shoemake says.

Shawn Shoemake has been a member of law enforcement for just about seven years. He started at the Choctaw Police Department in 2011. He has since worked in a couple of departments before finding himself at the Kemper County Sheriff’s Department earlier this year.

“It’s not all about taking people to jail. A lot of people think that, but we are actually out here to help,” Showmake says.

Shoemake says he was always interested in law enforcement. Now that he is in a role of serving others, he makes sure to do just that.

“I enjoy riding out in the communities. I like helping the people in the county be safer. At least I know I’m doing my job when I’m out there,” Showmake says.

Shoemake has children and says one of them, although only 4-years-old has been showing an interest in what he does.

“As young as she is and thinking she wants to join law enforcement now, we will see where it goes down and the road and she gets older,” Showmake says.

Shoemake says it can be difficult being away from family, but he says they understand his job. He says he finds joy in what he does.

“Holidays are coming up. We are going to be working and away from the family, but it’s all worth it. At least we know we are all out here helping people,” Shoemake says.

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