First Responders: LEMA's John Williamson

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders, we meet someone who is new to the role of Deputy Director at the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency, but John Williamson is not new to the area or public service.

“I finally realized this is where I’m supposed to be,” Williamson says.

John Williamson has been in public service for over 20 years. He began his career as a firefighter in the city of Meridian in 1997. During his time as a fireman, he worked with Metro Ambulance before moving on to the Newton city Fire Department.

“I come from a family of paramedics and nurses. Basically everyone in my family is either a paramedic or a nurse, so that kind of steered me in the direction of the career,” Williamson says.

Currently, Williamson is the deputy director of the Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency. He’s been in this position for just about a month.

During hurricane Nate a couple of weeks ago, Williamson kept us informed about what was taking place and how crews were ready to respond to whatever the storm would bring.

It’s a team that organizes such a response. Williamson says it’s not just made up of those in here in Lauderdale County.

“We all work together, we all know each other. I work closely with emergency managers in counties around us and people from all over the state,” Williamson says.

Williamson says his reward comes from helping others.

“To think that I’ve made a difference in some way. I tried to go into the private world and work a regular job, but I was always drawn back,” Williamson says.

Williamson says he enjoys his job so much that he can’t see himself doing anything else.

“I see myself being in this role for numerous years to come. I don’t have any plans of retirement anytime soon,” Williamson says.

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