First Responders: Lt. Rita Jack

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MERIDIAN, Miss, (WTOK) - In First Responder, you may know her from organizing Neighborhood Watch Programs around the city of Meridian. Lt. Rita Jack is a Meridian native who has a true passion for this community.

Lt. Rita Jack grew up in the city of Meridian and has been serving this community as a law enforcement officer since 1998. Jack didn’t originally go into the law enforcement field. She has a degree in accounting and worked other jobs in retail and in Public Works.

“I had people randomly coming to me saying that I would make a great officer. Roughly within a year of working with the city I decided to take exam,” Jack says.

While at the Meridian Police Department, Jack was a patrol officer, detective and worked for the Drug Task Force. Her support system includes her husband.

“We have been married 31 years. He’s my main supporter, and also my children. They didn’t know what it was all about when they were young and saw mom suit up,” Jack says.

Her dedication to the department and to the community seems to be endless. Jack has been taking on the task of making the communities safer by forming Neighborhood Watch Programs throughout the city.

“My goal is to constantly work with the public in such a way that we can become partners,” Jack says.

She hopes her efforts are making an impact in preventing crime in the Queen City.

“This department is technically my other family and it means a lot to me. I am fierce about Meridian police. I hope to have many more years to serve Meridian. I plan to serve Meridian until the day I retire and that’s not any time soon,” Jack says.

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