First Responders: MPD Officer Alex Ordonez

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We meet a member of the Meridian Police Department. Alex Ordonez has been in Meridian several months. He is also a member of the SWAT Team. He is our 64th First Responder.

“I do believe everyone has good in them, so I try to work with them. I can work with honesty,” Ordonez says.

Anibal Ordonez has been a law enforcement officer for four years. He came to Meridian from out-of-state to be closer to family.

“Opportunity opened up. I took the job. Here I am,” Ordonez says.

Ordonez wants the citizens of Meridian to know police are doing their best to keep them safe. He says harassment is not the agenda.

“If we didn’t care about them, we wouldn’t be out here doing our job. Sometimes we have to stop people, do traffic stops. That’s how we find drugs, guns, people with warrants and that’s how you stop most of the crime,” Ordonez explains.

During his shift, Ordonez interacts with multiple people. From traffic stops, business complaints, checking business or just getting out to talk with someone, Ordonez says he is determined to good at getting bad off the streets of Meridian.

“You can actually make a difference. You can go into the bad parts of town and get the bad people off the streets, so you can tell your family and loved ones they can sleep better at night,” Ordonez says.

Ordonez says there are some downsides to the job.

“You see stuff that breaks your heart. You work cases where a child, adult or older person was mistreated and it messes with your mind a little bit,” Ordonez says.

With those downsides in mind, he says it makes him work even harder to get criminals off the streets. Ordonez is a member of the Meridian SWAT Team.

“When you take an oath in law enforcement it’s not just your job to stay top knowledge in the law and firearms training, but you also have to be physically fit. SWAT is a high demanding job, it’s stressful,” Ordonez says.

Ordonez says he will continue in law enforcement.
“The heartbeat you get. The adrenaline you get is something I don’t see myself doing anything else,” Ordonez says.

He encourages people to do a ride-along with police officers just to be info.

“I encourage them to come ride with us, sit with us in the front seat. They will see what we see and see why we do things the way we do it,”

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