First Responders: MPD Officer Zachary Joyner

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In our 128th First Responders, we see what police work is all about. From drug arrests to a pursuit, we join the chase with Zack Joyner of the Meridian Police Department.

Officers are put in a variety of situations and as we ride with Zachary Joyner, that is no different. A call about someone possibly breaking into cars at a local apartment complex leads to us attempting to pull over a truck. After begin given ample opportunity, with blue lights and siren, the chase was initiated.

Eventually, the driver pulled into a gas station and gets out. Joyner, not knowing if the person is armed or what they’re up to, takes precautions by drawing his weapon.

“It’s sort of like you’re in the moment. I’m not thinking about anything else except what he’s doing,”

It turns out the same man was arrested just hours earlier after wrecking another vehicle. He’s facing numerous charges.

“We’re helping the city. Trying to clean it up, so it can be a better place. It makes me feel good,” Joyner says.

Officer Joyner was hired at the department 2 years ago. Aside from chases, the night includes Narcotics, and traffic stops. The small things, like a broken taillight, leads to pills off the streets.

“I figured I might as well do what I want to do. Instead of wasting my life working some job that I don’t want to do,” Joyner says.

Getting drugs off the streets is something Joyner takes pride in. His upbringing is a motivating factor.

“I saw a lot of narcotics being used when I was growing up. I just kind of know what to look for when it comes to those situations,” Joyner explains. “The same day I graduated the police academy, my brother went to prison in North Carolina for drug charges. One of us took that route and I took another route.”

Joyner hopes his future involves working narcotics. He calls Meridian home and says he likes it.

“People are saying Meridian has gone downhill and all these things. In the grand-scheme of things, Meridian isn’t that bad of a city,” Joyner says.

After felony drug and dui arrests, for Police officers, it’s another day at the office.

“We are trying to be a force for good and trying to do the right thing,” Joyner explains.

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