First Responders: Marion Police Chief Randall Davis

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MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - In our First Responders series we meet Marion Police Chief Randall Davis. Davis has served as the head of the department for several years and does his best to have a huge impact on the community in amazing ways.

“As long as I’m in this career, I will keep my motto off help first,” Davis says.

Chief Randall Davis came to the Meridian area when he was 18 years old, coming to NAS Meridian. He began his career in law enforcement at the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

“I got a chance to get into the reserves, then over here at Marion. The next thing I know, I’m chief. I just want to put a better like on doing police work,” Davis says.

Davis says he wanted to become a member of law enforcement after an incident in his home state of Louisiana.

“I really felt he was bad. I said that I think I need to be out there because I can do a better job than that. That’s what the public deserves is somebody to treat people fairly and talk to people the way they want to be talked to,” Davis says.

Davis says his family supported him and his endeavor to become a law enforcement officer.

“My mom was a retired principal, I have a twin sister and they love what I do. My younger brother is a deputy in Union Parish. I think he did it because I was in it,” Davis says.

Davis talks about making our society a better one through better policing and communicating with the citizens he serves. Giving back and helping is certainly something Davis can check of his list. For the last nine years, the Marion Police Department has hosted a Christmas toy drive.

“We like to see kids come up here. We like to look them in the face and treat things hands on. I want them to look at me and say, ‘one day I might want to do what Chief Davis is doing’,” Davis explains

Collecting hundreds of toys, turkey and ham for families in need. The department even visits nursing homes singing and taking them food. Chief Randal Davis ensures everyone feels safe and well respected. He says he is there for anyone who needs his help.

“It worked out and I’m glad I’m here and continue to do the job the best I can do,” Davis says.