First Responders: Nancy Larkin

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LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - In First Responders we travel to west Alabama where we find Nancy Larkin. Larkin is someone who has dedicated many years of her life to helping others. She plays a vital role in the first responders of Sumter County.

Nancy Larkin is a woman who dedicates almost all of her time to helping others. She wears many badges when it comes to public service. Larkin is the Captain of the Livingston Fire Department, chief of Coatopa Dug Hill Volunteer Fire Department and volunteers with Coatopa Belmont Department.

“Got on the rescue squad and saw all of the neat things we could do. Fire came along and then EMS,” Larkin says.

If all that wasn’t enough, Larkin is the dive captain for the Sumter County Rescue Squad.

“Everybody thinks diving in the river think you can’t see and no we really can’t. You can barely see the inside of your mask, but that’s the diving I prefer to do,” Larkin says.

Larkin enjoys a challenge. She says diving is certainly one of the more challenging aspects of the job. She says it ranges from finding drowning victims to locating items used in crimes. She says there are times where people will ask her to find other lost items.

“The smallest thing I’ve ever found is somebody’s engagement ring. You’re talking about something really small and you can’t see, you’re just feeling,” Larkin explains.

When it comes to firefighting, Larkin says it’s a difficult job in more ways than one. She says working to prevent the loss of life or someone’s property is only the beginning. She says they try to do so much more.

“A lot of times we try to help. Our volunteer fire department will try to gather things and help out. We don’t just put out the fire, we go and try to raise money and stuff like that,” Larkin says.

Larkin says when she became involved in volunteering, her family did more than just support her, they got involved.

“When I started it I got my dad involved in it. Then my step mother became involved in it, so it became a family thing,” Larkin says.

Eventually they all would end up working together. Sometimes responding to calls as a family on the same truck or in the same ambulance. She says the days of volunteering seem to be fading. Larkin encourages everyone to find some way to give their time to a volunteer fire department.

“There is something in this for everyone to do no matter what the age. You can never start too early,” Larkin says.

Larkin says she will continue in her many roles of helping others as long as she can. She says the challenge of continuing to be a service to the public is the greatest one of all.

“If you don’t get challenged, you kind of get laid in and nothing means anything. I’ve always been that way. I’ve always wanted a challenge,” Larkin says.

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