First Responders: Officer Tyler Sistrunk

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NEWTON, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders we are riding along with Officer Tyler Sistrunk of the Newton Police Department. He's chosen his current career path for many reasons and he says some of his favorite parts are just learning the job.

“I’ve always seen other guys and said, ‘Hey I want to be in that line of work, you know?’ That’s one thing I wanted to do,” Sistrunk says.

Officer Tyler Sistrunk started at the Newton Police Department a year ago. Since then, he has worked elsewhere, including the Meridian Police Dept. he is now back with the Newton Police Department where he says he enjoys what he’s doing.

“It’s been a very rewarding place to work for. I’ve been treated very well here,” Sistrunk says.

The drive and passion for his community is there.

“We get to talk to a lot of people, get to know people and really let them know we do care out here on these streets. We want to make sure that the community is well taken care of. We try to be there at all costs when they call,” Sistrunk says.

Sistrunk talks about appreciating and learning as much as he possibly can from senior law-enforcement officers.

“Another officer told me that there’s one thing to keep in mind in this line of work. If your nameplate is who raised you and your badge is who you work for, then you want to make sure you represent both of them well, with integrity and respect,” Sistrunk says.

He says the wealth of knowledge from veteran officers helps him get a better understanding of the job, as well as unique perspectives.

“I give all the credit to the Newton Police Department and most of all Chief Harvey Curry. He really does his work with integrity and he’s basically my role model,” Sistrunk says.

His family has always been supportive of him following a career as an officer.

“My daddy said you can do anything as long as you set your head to it and I truly believe that. I would definitely like to move forward because in this line of work you have the opportunity to move forward,” Sistrunk explains. “I’ve done some investigations on smaller things, but I would like be an investigator one day.”

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