First Responders: Paramedic Brian Jackson

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Ala. (WTOK ) - In our 56th First Responders we talk with Brian Jackson. Jackson works a full-time and part-time job helping others in a time of need.

“When family members lose a loved one we have to be that rock they need,” Jackson says.

Brian Jackson has been a paramedic for two year, but has worked in the medical field for five.

“People say we save lives but I don’t really believe that. I believe that we are a helping hand of saving lives,” Jackson says.

Jackson says he likes doing more than just providing medical support to citizens. He says it’s the emotions that family members go through during a time of tragedy. He says he tries to take care of everyone.

“The Lord really blessed me with the ability to help people during a time of need,” Jackson says.

Jackson is married and says that his family supports him in his choice to help others as a career. He says he is there for everyone, but things are different at home.

“I’m not really sympathetic when it comes to her. To the public I can be that rock and anything you need, but if she gets a cold I’m like ‘ahh you’re fine!” Jackson explains.

Jackson says he will stay in the medical field, but would like to take on different roles.

“One step at a time. I do want to become a nurse. I’m going to try to do that within two years,” Jackson says.

Jackson says he wants the public to know that paramedics are people too and they do their best to help when someone is a time of crisis. He says people need to be considerate of others.

“Be careful and be aware. Put others before you and just be careful,” Jackson says.

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