First Responders: Paramedic Ollie Brown

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In our 120th First Responder segment, we meet one of Meridian's newest paramedics. Ollie Brown is no stranger to the area and calls Meridian home.

“You never know when somebody else needs help. It could be just that one small thing you do to make someone else’s day just a little better,” Brown says.

Paramedic Ollie Brown has been with Metro Ambulance for almost exactly six years. He just recently became a paramedic.

“It’s the reward of helping others, mostly. It’s not a bad job to go to. It gets stressful at times, but you enjoy what you do and you meet different people on a daily basis,” Brown says.

Brown explains that taking care of family members encouraged his desire to learn more in the medical field. His personal medical needs also helped grow his interest.

“I found out I was a diabetic in my early 20s. Learning how to manage that and control it has helped me out a lot. I got more and more interested in it,” Brown says.

Being a paramedic can cause a lot of stress. Ollie says it’s about doing his best for everyone he’s called to help.

“It takes a lot out of you sometimes. When you know you did your job and you did it to the best of your capabilities and see that person at a later time you think. ‘Alright. I did what I was supposed to do,” Brown says.

Brown says his family has been supportive. He’s the first in his family to go into the field of EMS.

“Everybody in my family has been proud of me. I just got my paramedic’s license about two months ago and I have been working really hard at it,” Brown says.

Brown says he loves what he is doing and after just becoming paramedic, he’s unsure what the future holds.

“Right here on the truck is where my heart is. I don’t know what I will do in the future,” Brown says.

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