First Responders: Paramedic Trent Mathis

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - In our 58th First Responders segment, we meet a paramedic with Metro Ambulance. Trent Mathis has been working in Meridian for the past several years and says he loves it.

“I just enjoy it. I don’t want to be stuck inside an office, I want to be out there,” Mathis says.

Trent Mathis has been at Metro Ambulance for six years. He went to Meridian Community College and became an EMT. He says he enjoyed it so much, he continued in the medical field and became a Paramedic.

“I continued going through school while working here,” Mathis says.
Mathis says only one of his relatives is in public service. He says he’s the only one that fell in love with EMS. He says he likes all of it, even the little things.

“It may be taking grandma to the hospital while holding her hand. Making her day, even though she was in a situation and you got her out of it,” Mathis explains

Mathis says some of it can be hard and difficult to deal with. He says he relies on those around him during those times.

“I talk to people, I talk to my family and coworkers. Sometimes I just sit back and listen to music. It’s whatever I can do to get my mind away from it. I try not to stress on it,” Mathis says.

In a time of crisis, Mathis says he wants the public to know that they are truly there to provide care.

“We may not seem like it when we come out there. Sometimes it might seem like we don’t care at all, but honestly, we are there to help you. Just try to give us a minute, we’re people too,” Mathis says.

Mathis says he will continue in the medical field.

“Right now, until I die I guess. Until I retire from this. Hopefully, if my body will hold out,” Mathis says.

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