First Responders: Prep for Hurricane Nate

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - In First Responders, we talk about the effort it takes a team to prepare for everything when a natural disaster hits.

“The long and short of it is that my guys are old school at this. Most of them that are fighting fire with us today went through Katrina,” Lauderdale County Fire Coordinator Allan Dover says.

Prepared and ready for whatever was coming our way. When word of possible hurricane force winds were heading our way, local first responders took the necessary steps in making sure the citizens of our area were taken care of.

“We work closely with emergency managers and the counties around us. I work closely with people all over the state. Even on a national level when we might need information or to share information. We call each other and let one another know,” Emergency Deputy Director John Williamson says.

From city and county equipment on the ready, to personnel on standby, the organized response to a disaster was under control.

The emergency operations center is where all of the information was coming in. From here they determine the severity of what’s going on. Not only in Lauderdale county, but all around us.

With Hurricane Nate shifting and weakening as it approached us, many of the preparations were not needed, but they were there for the citizens of east Mississippi.

“I made the offer to the city that if they had something they needed assistance with, not hesitate to call. We work hand in hand with the city fire department, Marion fire department and volunteers out there,” Dover says.

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