First Responders: Sgt. Arnold Jenkins

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DeKalb, Miss. (WTOK) - We meet a member of the Kemper County Sheriff’s Department. Sgt. Arnold Jenkins has served the public in multiple ways, whether it be overseas or in his home county of Kemper.

“I think I’m in love with serving our country, state and county,” Sgt. Arnold Jenkins says.

Sgt. Arnold Jenkins has been patrolling the roads of Kemper County for the last 17 years. Jenkins grew up in Kemper County and became interested in serving the public through his own family.

“My uncle was a Vietnam veteran. I say he always represented that core of being a soldier,” Jenkins says.

Jenkins joined the Mississippi Army National Guard right out of high school.

“We did a theater when we got activated for Desert Storm, then we did another theater when we got called for Iraqi Freedom,” Jenkins says.

Jenkins spent more than a year deployed. His 27 years of service in the military means a lot to him. He says there is a brotherhood that keeps him going.

“You’re missing home, you’re missing family and loved ones. You find that you have brothers and sisters that are with you. They become friends and become family,” Jenkins says.

That brotherhood is also found in his role as a law enforcement officer.

“It’s a good thing to know that when it hits the fan that you got workers, friends and people that got your back,” Jenkins says.

Jenkins says he tries spend time the kids in the community. He says children play a major role in the future and having a positive influence is a necessity.

“We try to get out there and try to make the community safe. That’s our number one concern,” Jenkins says.

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