Fish camp owner concerned as Tombigbee River floods

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LAVACA, Ala. (WTOK) - There are major flooding concerns along the Tombigbee River in Choctaw County.

“We are looking at the mighty Tombigbee,” owner of Ezell’s Fish Camp, Mary Ann Ezell Hall, says while looking at the flooding river.

Ezell’s Fish Camp is located in Choctaw County, Alabama and is just off Highway 10 in the community of Lavaca. The area experiences flooding every now and then, but the owner says this is rare.

“Water was inside the building in 1961 and then it was inside the building in 1979. That’s the last time I’ve seen the water like this,” Hall says.

From Newscenter 11’s Sky11 drone it’s difficult to see where the river actually runs. There are homes that are also very close to being flooded.

Through the Lavaca area, the Tombigbee River is normally around 33 feet. On Friday afternoon, boater Barry Landrum explained that it was over 60 feet and not expected to crest until Sunday. Even that depends on the rain.

“In Demopolis, it looks like it’s going right over the dam, so it doesn’t really slow it down a whole lot,” Landrum says.

Landrum helped Newscenter 11’s Tom Williams by travel through the cotton fields by boat. Landrum says the water is much deeper than just 24 hours ago.

“You can get rain all the way in Kentucky and Tennessee that affects us down here,” Landrum says.

The Fish Camp would normally be bustling with people wanting to eat a good meal. But on this Friday afternoon it’s quiet.

“Hopefully if it crests like it’s supposed to and doesn’t go inside, we will be okay,” Hall says.

Hall says she hopes to re-pen by next Wednesday (13th), but there is a chance for severe weather over the weekend.