Floodplain conference held in Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - The Association of Floodplain Managers of Mississippi is having its fall conference in Philadelphia to discuss ways to reduce the risk of flooding in the state.

With many rivers flowing through Mississippi, flooding is always a concern.

“The Association of Floodplain Managers of Mississippi is basically a collection of local community floodplain officials, state officials, FEMA officials, federal officials and private sector, coming together to collaborate on reducing the risk of flooding in our state. Flooding is the number one disaster across the nation,” says Stacey Ricks, the State National Flood Insurance Coordinator for Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

A floodplain manager is a person who uses floodplain maps to determine the criteria that must be met for buildings to reduce the risk of flood damage. Even in times of moderate drought, a flood risk is still there.

“We know that flooding will occur in these areas at any given point in time, so it’s very important to have your structures built correctly, to reduce that risk of flooding to your home or your business,” says Ricks.

Flood Protection Services was at the Philadelphia conference to represent Aqua Dam, a product that people can use to protect homes and businesses from flooding.

“It gives them an economical option, you know, where they can protect their own home along with their communities,” says James McNeely, one of the owners of Flood Protection Services.

MEMA also has plans in place in case there is a flooding event.

“Our plans is basically we use FEMA flood insurance rate maps that are adopted by local communities with the flood damage protection ordinance,” Ricks explains.