Former sheriff sentenced in Sumter County

LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - Former Sumter County Sheriff Tyrone Clark was sentenced Wednesday on corruption charges.

Clark pleaded guilty to a total of eight charges, six felonies and two misdemeanors. He received 2 years for the misdemeanors and 30 years for the felonies, to run concurrently, but most of the sentence was suspended.

The judge allowed Clark a few days to set his affairs in order. Clark is to report Monday to begin serving a term of 6 months. After that, he'll have supervised probation for two years. If Clark should violate probation, he could be required to serve the full sentence.

Clark was impeached and removed from office in 2016 by the Alabama Supreme Court based on criminal charges of corruption and willful neglect of duty. He Clark pleaded guilty to eight charges resulting from an investigation into the operation of the county jail and his dealings with inmates.

Clark pleaded guilty to the following charges:
* Two counts of unlawful employment of county inmates. The inmates did work on two houses owned by Clark.
* Three counts of ethics violations for using his office for personal gain. These include, among other things, charging inmates a portion of their earnings from working outside of jail without having an authorized work release program, with Clark pocketing the money; the work on his home; and pocketing money from the sale of phone cards to inmates.
* Promoting prison contraband, first degree. This includes providing an inmate with a gun and keys to the jail that would allow the inmate to escape.
* Promoting prison contraband, second degree. This includes allowing the inmate to come and go, and access to a room where he could run a drug operation and engage in other illicit activities.
* Conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime.