'Foundations for the Future' event held Friday

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Over a hundred Boys and Girls Club members and several other students from the Meridian Public School District were at First Union Missionary Baptist Church to learn about the past and what it means for the future.

“I actually just gave them a history [lesson] - one which I’m sure they had not heard of; of the 5 black girls who attended Meridian High School in 1965, of which I was one,” says Sadie Martin, a speaker at the event.

Martin chose to enroll at Meridian High School for the graduating class of 1966, officially desegregating the school.

“It was more challenging than I thought,” Martin says. “We we’re not received in the best way at all, and it continued for several, several months, lots of harassment; however, we had a goal to reach, we had some things that we wanted to see and of course we stuck with it. And at the end, it all worked out and today when I see my classmates, we can smile at each other and speak and talk.”

Martin says she has a few things she hopes the students take away from the event.

“That they do have hometown heroes, and also that they can be and do whatever they’d like to be in life,” Martin says. “That’s important to me because that’s what was important to me back in the day- that I could have the career or whatever it was I chose to do, and I’m wanting them to be able to anticipate having the kind of life they’d like to have. I did tell them; however, it took work to get there, and it takes work to do anything successfully.”

The other Civil Rights leaders at the event included attorney William Ready, Sr., Roscoe Jones, and Richard Porter, Jr.