'Get out the Vote' rally held to encourage people to vote

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LIVINGSTON, Ala. The Sumter County New South Coalition Chapter put on a 'Get out the Vote' rally in support of Alabama Senate Seat Democratic Candidate Doug Jones Saturday morning.

The rally was put on in hopes of encouraging people to head to the polls Tuesday for the upcoming U.S. Alabama Senate election.

"If you do not take part in the process, then you do not have any right to complain about it after the fact. That's what we are out here trying to do, encourage people to go to the polls on Tuesday," says Sumter County New South Coalition chapter chairman, Eddie Hardaway.

In addition to encouraging people to vote, organizers were also expressing their support for Democratic Candidate Doug Jones.

"This rally is to get people to come out and get pumped up and excited about going to vote for Doug Jones,” says Marcus Campbell, Sumter County Commission chairman

Jones is facing Republican Candidate Roy Moore. Jones supporters explain why they believe Jones is the best option.

"Alabama does not need to be represented by someone with the character of Roy Moore,” mentions Gainesville, Alabama Mayor Carrie Fulghul.

"Jones has a great platform. He cares about this black belt area,” explains Campbell. “He wants to create jobs. He wants to bring that economic development piece that we so desperately need in Sumter County and the black belt region."

Several local and state leaders were in attendance, including special guest, Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts. Patrick says it is important for people to vote no matter their party affiliation.

"If we want better leadership, more forward leaning leadership, and leadership that is humble enough to listen to the best ideas from whatever party they come from, then we have to go out and vote for that kind of leadership,” explains Patrick.

Patrick also mentions why he feels this election is so important to the people of Alabama.

"These are good and decent people and they need good and decent leadership," says Patrick.

Election Day will be this coming Tuesday. Polls will be open from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening.