God's Closet needs donations for underprivileged children

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NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - A non-profit is trying to make sure kids in Neshoba County have clothes on their backs throughout the year. God's Closet is asking people to stock their shelves for children in need.

God's Closet put a Christmas tree inside First United Methodist Church with little hangers holding pictures of the items needed.

"The whole goal of God's Closet is to clothe the children of Neshoba County," says Brenda Vowell, God's Closet co-chair.

A lot of the items on the tree are things God's Closet ends up having to buy on their own for children. That's why they're asking people to help stock the closet.

"If people need it, we want our children to have it," says Vowell.

God's Closet gets a good amount of donations, but it can never have enough coats.

"We do give away lightweight coats for spring and early fall, but we do need heavy winter coats," says Vowell.

On top of the Stocking Tree project, children at the church started a coat drive to help, too.

They're asking for black, white, grey or red coats because Philadelphia students wear uniforms. Other colors are accepted though. Your donation can be gently used or brand new.

"Items don't even have to be turned in in December," says Vowell. "You can bring them in January because we're still going to have cold weather, and a lot of students will still be coming to get items."

If your child is in need of a coat or anything else, all you have to do is bring you child's birth certificate and something showing you live in Neshoba County.

"Every quarter they have certain items they can get," says Vowell. "Some of the items are shirt, pants and socks. Things like that."

Each year the children get a pair of shoes and a jacket.

"It's wonderful to give them clothing," says Vowell.

You may drop off your donations at the First United Methodist Church during business hours or God's Closet on Tuesdays Thursdays or Saturdays from 9 to noon.