Gov. Reeves speaks on Floyd killing

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 2:50 PM CDT
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Governor Tate Reeves made his position very clear when it comes to the killing of George Floyd and the riots around the nation.

Reeves says he is disgusted and dismayed by the killing of George Floyd. He says people have the right to be angry and voice that through protest. Reeves says he applauds anyone who uses the right to protest and that he will defend the right to do so.

Reeves said he had a group of protestors outside of his home and he said their message was loud and clear without using violence. He says those protests carry more weight than rioting.

Reeves says Mississippians know their voices have more of an impact than destroying communities. He said the state of Mississippi is ready to respond to any outside group that wants to come to our state and riot.

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