Health coalition promotes healthy life style

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK)- The Student Health Coalition hosted a free health fair at Tommy E. Dulaney Center to help locals to have their numbers when dealing with your health.

A group of medical school students are serving the people of Meridian this summer by giving free information of how to stay healthy.

“How to take care of yourself if you do have high blood pressure or high blood sugar? What can you do about it? You don’t have to be afraid of those parameters. We have people in position that you can talk to about what’s best for you. We want this to be a genuinely open conversation about your health and realizing there’s nothing to be afraid of. Not doing it does more harm than anything,” said Conner Bancroft, co-found of Student Health Coalition.

The event provided locals residents to get their blood pressure check, blood glucose, and BMI screening.

“We want to get the dialogue started about their bodies and about their health. This shouldn’t be a scary subject. You live with yourself and we want you to be comfortable with yourself. Knowing your numbers is the first step to get started on your path to healthy living,” said Andy Shine, marketing director of the Student Health Coalition.

The idea of Student Health Coalition all started with four Meridian natives that wanted to service others and to make a difference in their community.

“We all got together and said for our summer project this is what we wanted to do. We split it up, we worked as a group to get this done and to make it efficient as possible,” said project facilitator, co-found of Student Health Coalition Adam Goodman.

Organizers of this event say their goal is to find new ways to promote good health in the community.

“If we need to incorporate other types of screenings including blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI screenings we would like to do that. If this needs to be done more than once a year we would like to do that. As we do this event, we collect information and we figure out what we can do to make it more affect and efficient the next time we do it,” said Bancroft.

The goal of the event is to spread awareness of these free resources, while also providing an outlet for interprofessional cooperation in the city.