Heat advisory issued, but showers and storms may offer some cooling

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A Heat Advisory is in effect for Lauderdale, Neshoba, Newton, Kemper, Clarke, Winston, Noxubee, Leake, Scott, Smith, Jasper, and Jones counties in Mississippi until 7 PM Friday and for Sumter, Marengo, Greene, Hale, and Pickens counties in Alabama until 9 PM Friday. A Heat Advisory is issued when the heat and humidity combination can stress your body to dangerous levels. Heat index values of 100 to 108 degrees are likely Thursday and Friday afternoons. Staying hydrated by drinking water and eating well are important to help your body handle the heat. If you will be outside for long periods, be sure to take frequent cool breaks.

There is some potential for some reprieve, but it will be somewhat selective. Spotty to scattered showers and thunderstorms can reduce temperatures by 10-15 degrees - that means upper 70s and lower 80s. Not everyone will get rain, however, so not everyone will feel that heat relief. Away from the cooling showers and thunderstorms, temperatures will warm from mid-70s Friday morning to mid-90s Friday afternoon. Heat indices will range from 100 to 105 degrees with isolated instances of higher heat indices.

For the Ralph Morgan Rodeo... be ready for the warmth. The rodeo begins at 7:30 Friday evening. There is some potential for a brief shower or thunderstorms early on, but the showers and storms will be fading by then. There's a good chance the storms will primarily occur before the rodeo begins, leaving the primarily dry. If rain does fall, the stands are covered. Just rain won't be an issue. Just remember if you can see lightning or hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck and should move indoors or seek shelter in a hard-top vehicle - not a convertible.

Another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms is a good bet Saturday. Still, though, not everyone will get rain. Where it rains, it can fall heavily. Highs will be in the lower 90s. Sunday starts a drying trend and any showers and thunderstorms will grow fewer. Temperatures will max out in the mid-90s, and the heat index starts climbing again. Potentially dangerous heat appears to be growing increasingly likely Monday through Wednesday of next week. High temperatures will be nearing 100 degrees. The heat indices could be as high as 110-115 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms could return Thursday to squelch the heat a bit.