Heavy storms likely through Friday evening

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Showers and heavy thunderstorms are likely across nearly all of East Mississippi and West Alabama this evening through early Saturday morning. Be especially weather-aware at the high school football games this evening!

The heaviest storms are increasing through this evening and will be around through 10 PM to midnight over East Mississippi. They will fade from midnight to 2 AM over West Alabama. Severe thunderstorms are not likely, but some storms can produce wind gusts over 40 mph. Storms will also produce lightning. Remember if you can see lightning or hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck and should seek shelter until the lightning passes. Adequate shelter for lightning is inside a building or inside a vehicle that is not a convertible. Covered walkways or open buildings like dugouts are not safe shelter from lightning. They will only keep you dry.

Evening temperatures will cool from 80s to 70s. After the rain ends, the wind will shift and pour some cooler air into East Mississippi and West Alabama. Saturday morning will begin with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. The day will be mostly dry but also mostly cloudy. We may struggle to break out of the 50s beneath the clouds. With some sun peeking through clouds in the afternoon, we may be able to manage lower 60s.

A warm front will track from south to north through the area late Sunday. Sunday may start dry, but it will likely end with areas of rain. Some spots may stay dry on Sunday but with on-and-off rain continuing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, nearly everyone should get some significant rain. This will help immensely with the drought that has developed recently. From today through next Wednesday, some areas could get more than three inches of rain. That won't happen everywhere, but we will all get good, soaking rainfall.