High school athletes serve up thanks

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) Neshoba Central High School athletic programs served lunch to over 20 Philadelphia Utilities' employees Thursday.

"Well, the basketball and football programs here are feeding our local utilities. As most people are aware, we've had some stormy weather and had a lot of damage. Some people have gone without and these guys have kind of got everybody's life back to normal. And we just wanted to show them a little gratitude. Appreciate what they do,” said basketball coach Jerry Byrd.

Byrd said the programs organized the lunch with the help of Dickey's and local contributions. Byrd said the work of the crews has not gone unnoticed.

"In those conditions, it's dangerous. You know a lot of these guys have gone three and four days without sleep so the work they were doing anyways was dangerous. You compound that with the fact that they were having to work under those conditions. I just have a lot of admiration for them,” said Byrd.

Around 70 percent of homes and structures powered by Philadelphia Utilities lost power in the storm.

Utilities Operate Superintendent Ricky Griffin said this was just the kind of thing his crews needed after working almost nonstop since Thursday.

"The main thing is helping people, but you at least like for people to act like they appreciate you. This is just a token of their appreciation and we really appreciate the way they have come forth with this,” said Griffin.

Griffin said, to their knowledge, there is no one in the city, within their coverage, without electricity, unless damage is so severe that it is not yet possible to re-connect.