House speaker says he won't block lottery

Source: MGN

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn says he won't block a proposal for a state lottery from passing his chamber "if the votes are there" among Republicans.

Gunn said Monday that House members intend to press forward quickly with a proposal to divert some taxes on internet sales to cities and counties as soon as a special session opens.

Gov. Phil Bryant has said he will call lawmakers together Thursday but has yet to issue the document making that official.

Gunn says the House will await action on a lottery by the Senate.

Gunn, a prominent Baptist layman, says his opposition to a lottery rests on economic grounds, not his religious faith.

Lt. Gov Tate Reeves says he's ready to accept most transportation funding proposals championed by Gunn.

Reeves is still seeking a change of how money is distributed to cities and counties, but Gunn says he has yet to see an idea that's better than giving the money to localities directly, with few strings attached.