How freezing temperatures affect your vehicle

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - With cold weather comes different ways of taking care of your vehicle. Many of us are familiar with the tire pressure light turning on and this is likely to become more frequent in the winter.

“Tire pressure is dependent on temperature, and as the temperature goes down, your tire pressure will go down,” says Brandon McElroy, a mechanic with McElroy Auto Center. “So it’s a good idea when you do have temperatures below freezing, to check you tire pressure more regularly.”

All modern vehicles have a sticker placed on the driver’s side door that tells you what your tire pressure needs to be.

“When you go check your tire pressure it’s always good to make sure you have a good, accurate gauge,” McElroy says. “What you’re going to want to do is take the cap off the valve stem, press [a gauge] on, pull it off, and check your tire pressure.”

Checking your vehicle’s battery is also essential in the winter.

“In cold weather conditions, battery life is affected greatly,” McElroy says. “You might notice that the vehicle becomes hard to start, or doesn’t hold a charge very-well, and it’s good to have your battery load tested before cold weather strikes.”

Anti-freeze levels should also be monitored or else engine damage may occur. Other fluids should also properly be maintained.

“Another common problem in wintertime is your windshield washer tank freezing,” McElroy explains. “It’s critical that you put washer fluid in it that comes with an antifreeze protectant in it, to keep from busting your tank.”