How to safely take eclipse photos and videos

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - If you're planning on documenting Monday's eclipse with your camera or smart phone, experts have a word of advice.

This will be the first total solar eclipse to pass from coast to coast in almost 100 years, so we're entering new territory when it comes to taking photos or videos with the latest technology. Brian Maletich, owner of Maletich Electronics, says it should be safe to take a photo with your DSLR camera or smart phone, but you should probably use a filter anyway to get the best possible product.

"These are a type of lens sheets you can buy. They are ultra-violet, solar approved and everything like that. That'll give you the good quality image. You can cut those to the size of your camera," Maletich says. You can also, if you have your cell phone outside, if you have the glasses, you can actually slide the lens in front of your cell phone and just make sure you're not looking at the sun when you do it."

Maletich suggests lowering the exposure and ISO settings and increasing your shutter speed to get the best possible image of the eclipse.

Overall, use your best judgment when it comes to protecting your equipment.