How to trick or treat safely on Halloween

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Halloween is always a fun time for trick or treaters. But it's important to stay safe. There are tips that both parents and children should follow.

"Those people that are trick or treating, make sure that you accompany your children. They should wear light colored costumes, or have reflective tape on the back of their costumes, or somewhere on it, or something like a glow stick, something that, you know, people could actually see in the dark." says Ward Calhoun, the Chief Deputy for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

You should also be able to tell which houses are Halloween-friendly, and which ones are not, "we suggest that you not go up to residences that don't have their front porch light on or that don't have Halloween decorations. That's common Halloween etiquette that they're not participating, and go to those homes that are." says Calhoun.

Once trick or treating is finished, parents should also take steps to assure that the candy received is not dangerous.

"And to just be mindful that when your children bring home the candy, they shouldn't eat into until you have an opportunity to look through it and make sure none of the packaging has been tampered with in any way. And just have a safe Halloween by thinking about the, those kind of rules that will just help all of us to have a better time without someone being injured." Calhoun explained

Calhoun warns that drivers should also be wary of trick or treaters as they head out on the streets: "Be mindful of the fact that there will be, especially drivers, be looking for the unexpected; small children running across the street, heavy pedestrian traffic, sometimes in neighborhoods that maybe doesn't have a whole lot."

In downtown Meridian, Andrew Samet, Newscenter 11.