Hundreds fly locally over the 4th of July weekend

Published: Jul. 1, 2017 at 5:24 PM CDT
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As people hit the highways for the holiday weekend, several others are traveling by air to reach their destination.

Here at the Meridian Regional Airport, passengers packed out seats in pursuit of their 4th of July travel.

“Passenger boarding has been unbelievable this 4th of July weekend. Starting Thursday, everything every seat going to Dallas has been full. And starting Wednesday, every seat in Chicago has been full almost through today. I think we’re up to 48 people going to Chicago this afternoon in opposed to 50 seats on the airplane,” Tom Williams Sr. says.

Williams’s credits the high numbers to newly accommodated Chicago flight and with holiday timing.

“I don’t think I ever remember seeing this type of load out of an airport on a 4th of July weekend. But the fact that people have chosen to fly to Dallas or fly to Chicago and beyond on a holiday weekend for 4 days is really great for Meridian and great for the airport,” Williams says.

In comparison to other holiday travel times such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the reception for the Independence Day weekend has been strong.

Williams’s says the more people decide to fly locally, the more the airport will continue to grow.

“You know it’s important that we treat the customer well, and it’s important that people decide to fly Meridian. And that decision to fly Meridian helps their own airport get more flights and potentially helps us grow,” Williams says.

51 people booked tickets out to Dallas Saturday. 48 people booked flights to Chicago. In total, 394 flights were booked over the past 4 days.

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