Hwy 80 Songwriters festival rolling back into Meridian

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Behind every lyric of a song is a songwriter and the annual Highway 80 songwriters fest is bringing the true voices behind the words to the Queen City.

“They are rarely at the forefront, he are she are always in the background unless they write and preform their own music but so many songwriters don’t,” explained Richelle Putnam the Projects Arts Director with the Montgomery institute.

The songwriter’s festival has grown over the five years it has taken place, bringing in even more songwriters to town.

“Songwriter events are so much more intimate because the songwriters really connect with the audience and share their stories behind the songs,” said Putnam.

What started as a driver for a creative economy along the Highway 80 corridor, now stretches from Demopolis, Ala., to Jackson, Miss., and continues to grow.

“It is a lot of different areas, people, businesses, artist, working together for that one common goal which is building the economy and your community,” stated Putnam.

The festival continues trying to create an avenue for those wanting to break out into the business and those who have already garnered success.

“We are hoping to bring more business into the venues that have songwriters at their place but we also want to expand the songwriter’s territory,” said Putnam.

In addition to hearing the voices behind the music, a songwriters and vocals workshop will take place, to learn more about the ins and outs of the music business.

“It takes a lot of support to put an event like this on not just grant support but sponsorship so we really appreciate those sponsors,” explained Putnam.

More information about the Highway 80 Songwriters Fest may be found by going to the event's Facebook page by clicking the link provided.