I-20/59 Industrial Park renamed 'Key Brothers Industrial Park'

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 1:51 PM CST
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Business leaders and government officials gathered at the site of the I-20/59 Industrial Park to rename the park the Key Brothers Industrial Park.

“[The Board of Supervisors] were looking for something that was special to the Meridian and Lauderdale County area. We threw several ideas around, but we landed on Key Brothers Industrial Park because of their story and what it means to our community,” says Jonathan Wells, the president of the Board. “Just their diligence and their hard work and their endurance for the flight that they took, I think it’s just a positive message on our area and we wanted to bring that over to our industrial park.”

Currently, crews are working on riprapping a ditch. Once that’s finished, the site will be ready for businesses to move in.

“We’re already marketing the park and we’re already having some preliminary looks,” Wells says. “Like we’ve talked about in the past several months, this is a premiere site in the southeast.”

Officials with Lauderdale County and the EMBDC say that this site once it’s up and running will be a major economic boost to the local area.

“It kind of sets up for lots of different types of businesses showing up here that would be major employers with major wages,” says Bill Hannah, the president and CEO of the EMBDC.

“We already have great existing industry, but to bring in new capital investment and new jobs to our community, it will mean a source of revenue to help our county flourish and run, for infrastructure, you name it.”

Wells says that the riprapping of the ditch should be completed in a couple of weeks.

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