Insurance agency gives smart driving class for older drivers

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss (WTOK) One local insurance agency wants to help older drivers be safe and more aware while on the road.

The older we get, the more we tend to forget, especially when it comes to taking the wheel.

"The last time you looked at the Driver Instructor Manual was when you got your driver’s license at 15,” says AARP volunteer Robert Glazer.

That is why State Farm Insurance partnered with AARP to teach smart driving classes for drivers 55 and older. The class refreshes drivers on their motor skills and teaches drivers about some things that may have changed from when they first started driving.

"A lot of things like technology has changed. There are more street signs out there and of course there is more distraction out there,” says State farm Agent Mattie Hudson.

Glazer says he choose to teach this class because he believes it is important for people to be safe drivers.

"I feel like if I help one person save their life because they've taken the course and heard what the course was saying, then I think it’s well worth it."

Class participants who are insured with state farm, also receive up to 5 percent off on their insurance once they complete the course. Hudson says this class is important for older drivers to take because it makes them more aware of what is going on around them while driving.

"It may not be you that's doing the error in driving, but it may be someone else on the road. If you know defensive driving techniques that could prevent the accident, then that keeps everybody safe,” says Hudson.
This is the second year the smart driving class has been held in Philadelphia. There are classes held monthly in Meridian.