Internet service for Meridian police cars given the green light

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Meridian police officers will soon have new internet access to help them run license plates and licenses. A new C-Spire Wireless internet service is coming soon to Meridian police cars.

“Currently the state has a ticketing system called E-Site. Right now they are able to use E-Site in their car, but they have to wait until they get back to the station to hook up to the internet and send tickets to the state,” Capt. John Griffith says.

Right now, there are roughly 60 Meridian police cars that already have a computer system installed. Griffith says this new service will allow officers to spend more time patrolling the streets instead of at the office putting in reports.

“They will also have the capability, inside the E-Site system, to see if someone has been entered from a traffic stop or whatever. It will show them their driving history, if they’ve been stopped and if they’ve been ticketed,” Griffith says.

Officers will do less talking on the radio and have all of the information about a call displayed on the computer.

This means being able to double check things like addresses and names without tying up the radio or phone lines to dispatch. This new service will integrate with the upgrades that’s are coming to Central Dispatch.

“When we get to the new dispatch system, they will have it on their computer screen. It will show every officer that’s out on a call and where they are,” Griffith says.

Meridian officers should see this new internet service over the next three months. Griffith says the new dispatch system is set for later this year.