Judge Primeaux to end blog posts

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 10:27 AM CDT
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Chancery Judge Larry Primeaux will stop posting to his Better Chancery Practice Blog as of June 15, after 10 years of writing.

Primeaux says posting four blogs a week began to feel more like a burden and the COVID-19 quarantine also caused him to reevaluate.

“I love expressing myself," said Primeaux in a news release from the Administrative Office of Courts. "I enjoy putting my thoughts down on paper in a coherent way that is accurate.”

But he said producing precise legal analysis on a weekly schedule “gets to be a demand more than an enjoyment.”

Three of the weekly posts cover recent appellate court decisions, mostly dealing with family law practice. And once a week he publishes something just to provide a moment of reflection, a smile or laugh. His compilations of quotes, funny headlines and newspaper bloopers have been shared among the bench and bar as well as forwarded to friends and family who live in blissful ignorance of the minutiae of Chancery Court practice.

The ABA Journal in November 2016 named Judge Primeaux’s Better Chancery Practice Blog among the nation's 100 best blogs for a legal audience, and in 2017 the blog placed first in the Expert Institute's Best Legal Blog Contest and second overall among all blog contestants.

“It was a labor of love because – and this sounds really sappy – I’m devoted to the law. I understand how hard a job it is to be a lawyer because I did it for 33 years before I took the bench," said Primeaux. "I understand how difficult it can be to be successful in the courtroom and to do a good job, and I wanted to improve professionalism. I did it out of devotion to the profession.”

And now, he said, it’s someone else’s turn. “Surely there is a person or a team of persons who can fill this niche.”

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