Keeping your pets safe when temperatures drop below freezing

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COLLINSVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) - Pets are one of the 4 Ps that need protection when cold weather strikes. Our furry friends feel the cold the same way humans do.

“We want to watch out for our little guys… and those guys are just as important as our geriatric guys,” says Dr. Tyson Pompelia, the veterinarian at Collinsville Veterinary Clinic. “So make sure your old guys and your young guys, and your small guys, they need to be the ones that we really need to be cautious of this time a year.”

A warm and comfortable place for a pet to stay is key for winter temperatures.

“Make sure they have adequate bedding, make sure you check that bedding though and make sure it stays dry,” Dr. Pompelia says. “A lot of times we don’t go check it or we just assume that they’re okay, but just make sure that bedding stays dry and warm.”

Mississippi’s winter temperature swings can catch people off guard. That means now is the time to make sure your pet will be safe in the cold.

“It could be 70 today, and 35 tomorrow, and so you want to be prepared for these guys, don’t let it sneak up on you,” Dr. Pompelia says. “All of the sudden Friday its 75 and then Saturday night [it’s cold], and you can’t get to the store to get them some bedding.”

Another thing to keep in mind is our use of certain chemicals needed during the wintertime.

“A lot of times we’re changing anti-freeze and that sort of stuff, so I want to caution everybody to really pay attention to those type things,” Dr. Pompelia says. “Clean up spills; those pets, they don’t need to be in there, that’s very dangerous for them so we want to make sure that we’re very conscious about what we’re doing with those chemicals this time of year.”