LEMA sending more help to Florida

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency is sending more help to assist in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

A task force team is already on the coast working ground operations.

Monday, an operations officer volunteer left to assist with an incident management team in Florida. He'll be gone for two weeks to help however needed.

LEMA deputy director John Williamson says it's important to help areas in need, just as others helped this area in another time of need.

"A lot of younger people may not remember, but we received this same kind of assistance in Katrina in 2005," he says. "Our local and state resources were overwhelmed, and we had to reach outside the state and gather those resources for us to be able to recover from Katrina as fast as we did."

The incident management will help local and state authorities.