Large building catches fire in Marion

MARION, Miss. (WTOK) - Multiple fire engines from around Lauderdale County were called to the scene of a large fire in Marion Friday night.

It's been an exhausting weekend for local firefighters who have been working a massive fire at a Marion business, since last night.

Crews responded to Steve’s Truck and Trailer just after 10:00 and as firefighters were back on the scene Saturday afternoon cleaning up the mess and checking for hotspots.

The fire at Steve’s Truck and Trailer on Marion Drive was massive and dangerous.

By the time we arrived flames were shooting through the roof of the building. We talked to Marion Police Department Corporal James McCarty who was the first on the scene.

"I noticed thick smoke around the area and it wasn't fog that I could tell. It had a distinct odor to it. I made a call to dispatch and I asked if there were any fire they were aware of in the area. They did advised me there was an alarm called of a fire at Steve Repair Shop," said to Marion Police Department Corporal James McCarty.

Firefighters quickly arrived and battled the blaze for hours.

"The fire department is going to have a long night ahead of them because of the size of the fire and building. I'm sure they're going to be working around the clock all night trying to keep this fire at bay," said McCarty.

We went back out to the scene Saturday afternoon and could still see smoke coming from the building. The building was destroyed fortunately, nobody was hurt.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.