Large crowd expected for Neshoba Fair Political Speaking

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NESHOBA COUNTY, Miss. (WTOK) - Governor Phil Bryant and outgoing Congressman Gregg Harper are expected to speak at Founder's Square Wednesday morning.

The most anticipated speeches will come from Attorney General Jim Hood and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. Even though the two men haven't officially announced their candidacy, there's strong speculation they will both run for governor in 2019.

Syndicated political columnist Sid Salter says they are expected to draw in hundreds of people who want to hear what the men have to say and get to know them in a more personal setting. The Neshoba County Fair has always been a political stump for politicians to come out and get to know the people they represent.

"People can actually see the candidate live, in person, under pressure and in a difficult venue," Salter says. "It's usually hot, they are usually sweating. It’s unscripted. There's no do overs on this. If you deliver a good speech that's great, if you blow it, you just blew it."

Attorney General Hood will speak at 10:20 Wednesday morning. The lieutenant governor speaks at 10:40 a.m.

Third Congressional seat candidates Michael Guest and Ted Evans will also be speaking.