Lauderdale Co. to use new voting machines in primary elections

Published: May. 8, 2018 at 6:33 PM CDT
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Election preparations are underway as we approach the June 5th primary elections. The circuit clerk’s Office is already open for people to vote absentee.

“If you have a legal reason to vote absentee, you need to go to your circuit clerk’s office in your county and vote now,” Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says.

If you plan to vote on Election Day, it’s going to be a little bit different than in years past. Starting with this primary election Lauderdale County will be using paper ballots instead of touchscreen voting machines.

“We will be going back to paper ballots. We will have a central scanner at each precinct,” Lauderdale County Election Commissioner Jeff Tate says.

Tate says the 42 new machines are the best way to ensure voting accuracy, as well as the reassurance of a paper trail.

“Some people may think we are going back, but this is really the future of elections. Having a paper trail is important to have with an election,” Tate says.

Tate says early stages of the pre-testing phase are underway. He says the new machines will notify voters if they left an election blank, or if the ballot was accidentally marked twice.

“The machine will scan it and it will let you know which races you left blank,” Tate says.

If you won’t be voting on Election Day, then you will need a valid, legal reason to come to the courthouse and vote absentee.

“Pass the word to your coworkers, family, church members and neighbors. Look at that calendar on June 5th and see what you have going on,” Johnson says.

Mississippi primary elections will be Tuesday, June, 5.