Lauderdale County animal control has new microchip reader

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Pets are considered a man’s best friend and now the Lauderdale County Animal Control office has a new way to connect lost pets with their owners all through the scanning of a microchip.

“This tool will be used to scan that and we will retrieve that information and go on that registry and put that information in it will give us the pet owner’s information,” explained Rocky Rockette, Director of the Lauderdale County Animal Control.

The new Petlink microchip scanner will replace the older reader animal control was using. It will also scan multiple variety of microchips that are placed in our four legged friends, but more importantly it will save both the shelter and the pet owner money.

“It will help with cost as far as the shelter operation and reuniting pet owners with their animals, potentially saving them on vet bills and saving us dealing with our budget,” explained Rockette.

The new microchip scanner was paid for by friends of the shelter, who raised well over the cost of the scanner.

“This took roughly about a week and we raised about $635 dollars to purchase a microchip scanner that cost us about $260,” stated Rockette

As for the remaining money raised, Animal Control said they will use the money towards pets at the shelter. Using it for buying shots, worming medication, and to continue their low-cost spay and neuter program.

“The appreciation that I have for the people who supported us to make this happen, I feel like this is a great thing and I hope it continues,” said Rockette.

As for pets at the shelter, Rockette says adoptions are up and through community support he and his staff can continue enforcing the laws to keep both people and pets safe.

“The past couple of week’s adoptions have been great. We utilize a Facebook page called Pound Pups of Meridian, Mississippi, and that has been a big help to this shelter operation as far as adoption goes,” said Rockette.

For more information about how you can donate to the Lauderdale County Animal Control shelter or how you can adopt a pet you can contact the office at (601) 485-1956.