Lauderdale County first for shelter-in-place order, more counties likely

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Gov. Tate Reeves issued the state’s first shelter-in-place order, just for Lauderdale County. He says the decision is driven by data.

If you don’t live in Lauderdale County, Miss., you may be wondering why you should care about its shelter in place order. Well, your county could be next.

“I want to be clear that this is the first shelter in place order we are issuing from the state. But I do not anticipate that it’s going to be the last," Reeves said at a Tuesday news conference.

Here’s how it will work; it’s not a total lock-down. There are reasons people may leave their homes, but it will be limited.

“Essential travel, which is in essence to and from work, to and from getting medical care, to and from getting supplies for your home,” said Reeves.

The state will also ramp up testing to better identify and isolate the cases.

“What we have seen in Lauderdale County is that we have identified a nursing home where we are seeing an outbreak," said the governor. "That's certainly not accounting for all of the cases. We have not yet determined another common source for exposure that would account for all the cases. So that makes the shelter in place order even more important.”

Lauderdale County doesn’t have the highest number of cases in the state. But it had a quick spike in the last few days, making it the first target to take in more resources and further investigate the spread of the virus.

“They were probably not testing as rapidly and as robust as was happening in some other communities and that probably has led to some of the challenges.”

In the executive order under the prohibited activities, it lists all places of 'amusement and recreation' and includes places like movie theaters, bowling alleys and social clubs.

It should be pointed out that many of those types of businesses were already closed.

The shelter-in-place order will be in effect through Apr. 14.