Lawyer from Slovenia writes book about her experience with football in the Deep South

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Margerita Jurkovic came to the United States to continue law school and had never seen a football game before. Jurkovic happened to study under Mike Frascogna, Jr., an expert in sports law who introduced her to the sport starting with a high school game.

“It was just different. I remember when I saw those football players crashing into each other, and helmets cracking, and all this roughness, I just said to Mike, ‘you have to stop this, this is violent,’ and then he would just laugh and say, ‘don’t worry there is an ambulance waiting outside,’ Jurkovic says. “So it was very different.”

Jurkovic was able to get a close-up experience to not only high school football, but to college football as well.

“We were able to get Margerita on the sidelines of all these games, so she had a very interesting perspective of what was going on, not sitting way up in the bleachers, but being right down there where you could smell it, see it, feel it, and hear it,” Frascogna says.

With the experience she gained while being at the football games, Jurkovic decided to write a book all about it called “Margerita’s Gridiron Adventure.”

“Pep rallies, tailgating, Bully, Ole Miss, Southern, Jackson State, and it’s someone from not around these parts looking at it and reacting to it, and so it’s highly entertaining to see how it’s viewed by someone who has not grown up in this culture,” Frascogna explains.

Jurkovic and Frascogna both say anyone who lives in the Deep South or is a fan of football will enjoy the read.

“It’s just the perspective from a female, a European, that comes to the South and then everything is surrounding culture, not only with football, but also other little things,” Jurkovic says.

Jurkovic will be at this Saturday’s Mississippi Book Festival in Jackson at 9:45 a.m. for a book signing. You can learn more about her football journey during ‘On the Record’ on August 25.