Limited rain precedes sharp weekend cooling

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Our next weather maker is a storm system dropping out of western Canada and crossing the Northern Rocky Mountains tonight. Colder air will spill over the Rockies and across the Plains, invading Denver Wednesday night then Kansas City on Thursday night. That cold front will track through East Mississippi and West Alabama Friday night and Saturday morning. It will bring some rain, but rainfall amounts will be limited to less than a quarter-inch for most of us. We will really feel the affects of that on Sunday morning as temperatures drop into the 40s.
That rain will be great, but we need a lot more to end the developing drought. For now we are in the level of the Drought Monitor just below drought, called "Abnormally Dry."

That rain will arrive Friday night and fall through early Saturday morning. The rain will end Saturday morning around or just after sunrise. That timing may change. It has been gradually shifting to a later arrival, which would be good news for high school football on Friday night. Right now, it's a good idea to plan to have rain ponchos and rain jackets with you in the stadiums.

The next 24 hours will be quiet. This evening will cool from 70s to 60s between 8 PM and 9 PM. Brief upper 50s are possible first thing Wednesday morning. The day will warm quickly, and noon will be close to 80 degrees. Expect warmer upper-80s Wednesday afternoon. Thursday and Friday will be warm with more upper 80s before temperatures come crashing down behind that cold front this weekend.