Livingston police: Simple things can deter crime

LIVINGSTON, Ala. (WTOK) - Livingston police have picked up on a social media initiative that is catching on nationally and could benefit us all.

The initiative is the #9PMRoutine. It was started by the Pasco County, Fla., Sheriff's Office, and it has spread to other law enforcement agencies around the country.

The initiative is a reminder to do simple things that help deter crime, like locking your house and car doors, removing valuables from your car and securing your windows.

Livingston Police Officer William Shelton says he noticed it picking up around the country back in May. Coincidentally there had been several car burglaries locally.

"There's only so much that we can do in our normal patrolling and riding around. And, I mean, even a town as small as this we can't be everywhere at the same time," said Shelton. "This really cuts down, especially when we have a lot of preventable thefts."

Additionally, #9PMRoutine recommends closing blinds and curtains at night so potential criminals won't know your movements.