Local 4-H members recognized

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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - The Mississippi State Extension put on a special banquet Saturday morning for the Lauderdale County 4-H. Organizers say having events like this bring recognition to the kids who have worked hard throughout the year.

"They go out. Their families go out. It requires their family to support them and help them. This is very much a family thing. We like to recognize their achievements that they have done throughout the year. Whether it be in livestock, leadership, poultry or shooting sports, what they have done this year is important and we'd like to recognize that,” says Mississippi State University extension agent Shani Hay.

Mississippi Senator Videt Carmichael served as the guest speaker. Carmichael says 4-h helped him become the person he is now.

"It's our responsibility as older people to lead them in the right direction and hopefully they will follow. They have their own minds and they can do their own things, but they need a background. They need a base. A lot of things that I can do today I think started back in 4-H days,” says Carmichael.

Members say the 4- H is an organization that helps youth better themselves.

"It's a good opportunity for kids to build basic skills. A lot of these kids nowadays, they don't have very good social skills. They don't have these skills to go out into the world and do good things that you see people achieving and whatnot. 4-H just basically builds leadership skills,” says 4-H member Luke Hay.

"These kids do work really hard and while it does sound like a bit of a pushover, it’s a lot of hard work. Its hours and days for shooting sports, livestock and summers out in the hot barn. It's just a lot of really hard work. It's good to reward them and to keep pushing them to do better and better,” says 4-H member Nina Hay.

Kids between the ages of 5 and 18 can join the 4-H. You can visit the MSU Extinction website for more details.