Local couple reacts to Notre Dame Cathedral fire

Meridian, Miss. (WTOK) - Billions worldwide came together to mourn the loss, but celebrate the historic cathedral, including folks closer to home.

Here at the Saint Patrick Church in Meridian, a local couple who visited the cathedral before the devastating fire shares their reactions.

Bob and Rosie Connor have visited the Notre Dame Cathedral a total of 3 times, with other members of the St. Patrick Catholic Church. Their latest trip was just this past summer. While expressing their heartbreak for the people of Paris and the catholic faith, the Connors couldn't help going into detail about the beauty and magnificence of the cathedral.

"You're taken away by the gradjure of it and how big it is and how grand it is. To think this was started in the year 1163 and that people could build something like that then is just amazing,” says Bob Connor.

The Connors say they were watching TV, like any other day when news of the fire broke, horrifying them.

"I was just, to me, I couldn't believe it at first. I was just sad about it and I know it means a whole lot to people around the world, especially the French people and the people of Paris. It was just very sad,"

The couple says they are praying for everyone impacted by the fire. They were thankful to learn parts of the cathedral were salvaged, despite the damage.

The Connors say they will return to the cathedral as soon as possible.