Local High School student assembles trauma kits for Eagle Scout project

WEST LAUDERDALE, Miss. (WTOK) - West Lauderdale High School sophomore, Greg Ries, saw an opportunity to do something big for his Eagle Scout project.

Ries says he believes in being prepared in all situations, so he came up with the idea to put together and deliver dozens of trauma kits to each classroom.

"It's for serious injuries only, like a tornado or something crazy,” says Ries.

Ries says imagine ordinary first aid kits, but much bigger when it comes to the trauma kits, all packed with items that could potentially sustain a life, while waiting on emergency personnel to arrive.

"I figured that most schools, including this school, keep all their medical supplies in one area, so I, with the help of my family, Metro Ambulance and a couple of other places and some nice donations as well, we were able to purchase 60 packs and medical supplies, gauzes, chest compression pads and medical tape that we will spread out in each of the high school classrooms,” says Ries.

Troop 16 Scout Master James Swartz says he is proud of all the work Ries put into the project.

"I thought it was a really interesting project. I thought it was kind of out of the box for an Eagle Scout project. Normally when they get to the stage where they do the project, most people choose a construction type project, like building flower beds, benches for churches or schools. This one was out of the norm, but a very beneficial project because of the nature of it,” says Swartz.

Ries says a lot of time and consideration went into choosing his project and then making it happen.

"The work that went into it was choosing what I wanted to do for my Eagle Scout project- I thought about what would really help the community, because that's what an Eagle Scout project is. It's for bettering your community. So I thought what's better than possibly saving a life,” says Ries.

Teachers and students will receive basic training on using the kits in case of extreme emergencies.